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cyborganize wrote in thearchive2
Video: beerbad
Annotations: cyborganize
Characters: Starbuck/Roslin/Hybrid
Spoilers: 406 "Faith" & 409 "The Hub"
Components: constructed scene; YouTube annotations; videos by the Cylon Vidding Machine and others
Summary: see as the Hybrid sees -- a hypervid of fan projection

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*flaps arms*

Awesome! It's working really well. I confess, when you originally told me of the idea, I liked it a lot but had trouble visualising it. But the way you've done it is great. Actually circling specific people/imagines within the vid.

I love the solo long-shot of Kara for The Enemy Within, and, I know I'm horribly biased, but the full-screen shot of Laura for war for your mind was likewise squee-inducing.

I was too nervous to click on any of the links because I wanted to enjoy the whole thing but later I shallt.

It's strange; I'm such a digital packrat, but this functions in such a wonderful mutlimedia mushup of linkage you couldn't possibly download it - it's so integrally tied to YouTube you couldn't even reupload it. I'm not sure what I think of that, but my first pretentious thought is, like the hybrid, is massively interconnected but so firmly plugged into a single goobath?

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