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the Slash Goggles algorithm
bsg S4 from 2cl
cyborganize wrote in thearchive2
Title: BioCylon User Manual (an excerpt)
Characters: Tory, Caprica, Roslin, Starbuck
Spoilers: 401 "He That Believeth In Me"
Components: CRACK; screencap illustrations; my complete lack of actual programming knowledge; concepts from TransCoder by Zach Blas
Beta: the long-suffering _plasticity_
Summary: To improve HCI, BioCylons are equipped with an algorithm ("Slash Goggles") which establishes, based on visual data, the variant sexual preferences of human subjects.

VII - Visual Informatics

Section 7.13 - Slash Goggles Algorithm

7.13.1 - Core Function

In human society, gender (male or female) is an important consideration in selecting recreational sexual partners. While preference for the opposite gender is most common, a significant minority sometimes or always select partners of the same gender [11.8 - Human-Cylon Interaction: Sexuality]. To improve HCI, BioCylons are equipped with an algorithm ("Slash Goggles") which establishes, based on visual data, the variant sexual preferences of human subjects.

For reference, the relevant section of the code package is reproduced here, with annotations [2.2 - Software: CyCL (Cylon Core Language)].

function slash_goggles($desire) {
 global $humanform;

  // check activation status
  if (theCloset('null')) {
    qTime('image' => finger("toggle_$body->type") ? q($body->created))
  // define subjects
  foreach ($humanform as $body => $desire) {
    $humanform->template->assign($body == 'indentity' ? 'gender' : $body, $desire);  

  // identify data
  if (destabilizationLoop('image')) {
    $desire = array(noTax('identity', 'gender'));
  else {
    $desire = array(mutMutate('identity', 'gender'));
  // parse visual array
    'characterization' => $TPTB['subtext'],
    'mise-en-scene' => leaky('subtext', 'image'),
    'performance' => nonteleo($body),
    'narrative' => schizoA(exe($TPTB)),
    'metatext' => buggery('queer', vBody()),

  // execute function
  $slash = $body->$body->text('queer');
  return $slash;

As you can see, this script primarily calls functions and variables established elsewhere in the HCI package. Its specific role is to associate each $body with a property, $desire, that is determined by parsing the array of visual information defined here.

When activated, the Slash Goggles algorithm is marked by a pink tint in the ocular organ [1.16 - Hardware: Visual Apparatus].

[FIG 7.13.1]

7.13.2 - Operational Praxis

The Slash Goggles algorithm relies on the BioCylon capacity to simultaneously process multiple layers of optical reality [7.6 - Visual Informatics: Projection]. The following example illustrates the function and its output.

At the text layer, surface properties (mise-en-scene, performance, narrative, etc. as above) may indicate an interpretation that precludes $desire.

[FIG 7.13.2]

We now introduce a Slash Goggles equipped subject into this scene.

[FIG 7.13.3]

Viewed through this optic, the subtext layer becomes manifest. Here, more detailed iterations of $desire are visible.

[FIG 7.13.4]

The Slash Goggles analytic thus provides valuable input for proceeding with HCI.

7.13.3 - Security Protocols

As is the case with many BioCylon features, humans have some capacity for visual processing that is not disimilar to the Slash Goggles algorithm. However, human "gaydar" is many thousands of times less accurate. Because sexual preference is classified as a key defensive weakness [13.2 - The Plan: Seduce and Destroy], this data is considered highly sensitive. The Slash Goggles algorithm is therefore disabled by default, and activated only in exceptional circumstances.

According to the Word of God, there is a risk that an advanced perceptive apparatus may spontaneously emerge in certain humans. Any human subject who displays signs of sensory evolution in this area should be closely monitored.

[FIG 7.13.5]

It is possible that, in the event of said emergence, a BioCylon could be confronted about the Slash Goggles algorithm.

[FIG 7.13.6]

Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to override the safeguards and share data with such a subject!

When the Slash Goggles algorithm is activated, exchange information only with other Cylons. If living among humans, gathering in a secluded, superfluous space (such as a closet) is recommended.

[FIG 7.13.7]

When living among Cylons, the Slash Goggles algorithm is typically unnecessary, as gender is not a consideration in selecting recreational sexual partners. It is primarily important to the hybrid breeding program [13.12 - The Plan: Be Fruitful].

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*cracks the fuck up* I have never laughed so hard reading code in my life.


I believe this is the best thing I have ever written.

*wild applause*

*imagines LOLCODE remix*

how did I guess this is the sort of thing you would appreciate?! I think my brain melted out of my ears when I clicked that link. XD


If living among humans, gathering in a secluded, superfluous space (such as a closet) is recommended.


This is just...OMG. I have no words. This is awesome. MOAR.

SRSLY. It's's...awesome.

BSG, why must your inomprehensible awesomeness force me to produce ridiculous crack? WHY I ASK YOU?!?

It's for my entertainment.

*grabs popcorn*


I love that you managed to sneak in the word "buggery." Fantastic!

Zach's description of the "buggery" function: "acts upon a function or data set and generates an array of monstrous non-logic mutations"

I couldn't resist that -- it's WHAT WE DO!

It's theory, it's fic, it's meta, it's code... it's FABULOUS.

*runs around in circles of excitement*

Oh, how very much I love you for this. Have you shown Zach? I can barely express my intellectual/libidinal joy, I just keep reading/looking at it again and snickering uncontrollably.

TransCoderGirlslashGoggles = best project mashup ever. <3 <3 <3.


I'M SO HAPPY THAT YOU FULLY APPRECIATE MY GENIUS. I do have to tell Zach! I'll message him! I keep thinking that I want to, like, tell EVERYONE -- I MADE SOMETHING THAT'S NOT PORN.

LMFAO! However, I am having bad flashbacks to my horrible intro CS class... D:

--(.)-(.)-- !!!!

luckily I have managed to escape actually learning anything about programming.

I think I scared my neighbors laughing. This is sooo beyond brilliant.

The siren song of your beauty is too alluring to be HOLY. *dies* absolutely perfect.

w00t! thank you.

though the point is to be over-the-top, I must confess that I've written Laura/Kara fic that's just about as purple as that. ;P

thanks Harper!

and LOL your icon!!! (Gaius really didn't seem to mind)

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I know I still owe you replies to your extensive comments!

*dies giggling, and geeks out happily*

Just...brilliant. FUNNY.

I am so missing out on the 4th season. **sadness** But these little bits of code are more than enough love to keep me going through my long and dark wait.


I want my BSG!

FROGGY! we miss you so very much! do you have any download capability at all? if worse comes to worse, I will totally MAIL you the first 10 eps when it's time so you can join us in SQUEE over hiatus. hope all is well with you...

Wow. This is insane!

I mean, insanely brilliant!

For reasons I can't quite explain, I really loved [7.6 - Visual Informatics: Projection], and that you managed to use the word "besotted".

HEE, thanks! I did have a lot of fun with the cross-references (not to mention the schmoop).

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