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*cracks the fuck up* I have never laughed so hard reading code in my life.


I believe this is the best thing I have ever written.

*wild applause*

*imagines LOLCODE remix*

how did I guess this is the sort of thing you would appreciate?! I think my brain melted out of my ears when I clicked that link. XD


If living among humans, gathering in a secluded, superfluous space (such as a closet) is recommended.


This is just...OMG. I have no words. This is awesome. MOAR.

SRSLY. It's just...it's...awesome.

BSG, why must your inomprehensible awesomeness force me to produce ridiculous crack? WHY I ASK YOU?!?

It's for my entertainment.

*grabs popcorn*


I love that you managed to sneak in the word "buggery." Fantastic!

Zach's description of the "buggery" function: "acts upon a function or data set and generates an array of monstrous non-logic mutations"

I couldn't resist that -- it's WHAT WE DO!

It's theory, it's fic, it's meta, it's code... it's FABULOUS.

*runs around in circles of excitement*

Oh, how very much I love you for this. Have you shown Zach? I can barely express my intellectual/libidinal joy, I just keep reading/looking at it again and snickering uncontrollably.

TransCoderGirlslashGoggles = best project mashup ever. <3 <3 <3.


I'M SO HAPPY THAT YOU FULLY APPRECIATE MY GENIUS. I do have to tell Zach! I'll message him! I keep thinking that I want to, like, tell EVERYONE -- I MADE SOMETHING THAT'S NOT PORN.

LMFAO! However, I am having bad flashbacks to my horrible intro CS class... D:

--(.)-(.)-- !!!!

luckily I have managed to escape actually learning anything about programming.

I think I scared my neighbors laughing. This is sooo beyond brilliant.

The siren song of your beauty is too alluring to be HOLY. *dies* absolutely perfect.

w00t! thank you.

though the point is to be over-the-top, I must confess that I've written Laura/Kara fic that's just about as purple as that. ;P

thanks Harper!

and LOL your icon!!! (Gaius really didn't seem to mind)

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I know I still owe you replies to your extensive comments!

*dies giggling, and geeks out happily*

Just...brilliant. FUNNY.

I am so missing out on the 4th season. **sadness** But these little bits of code are more than enough love to keep me going through my long and dark wait.


I want my BSG!

FROGGY! we miss you so very much! do you have any download capability at all? if worse comes to worse, I will totally MAIL you the first 10 eps when it's time so you can join us in SQUEE over hiatus. hope all is well with you...

Wow. This is insane!

I mean, insanely brilliant!

For reasons I can't quite explain, I really loved [7.6 - Visual Informatics: Projection], and that you managed to use the word "besotted".

HEE, thanks! I did have a lot of fun with the cross-references (not to mention the schmoop).

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